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Cognitive architectures of causal learning (CausaL)


CE28 РCognition, éducation, formation tout au long de la vie

Start date and duration: December 2018 for 54 Months

Model-free and model-based inference and validation workflows for causal brain network discovery (NetScovery)

Human Brain Project HBP/EBRAINS (WP1)

Start date and duration: October 2020 for 30 Months

The influence of directional interactions in brain networks in predicting cognitive deficits post-stroke (Brainsynch-Hit)

FLAG-ERA HBP Partnering project

Start date and duration: February 2018 for 36 Months

Temporal brain networks and information dynamics (InfoDyn)

ILCB post-doc fellowship

Start date and duration: April 2019 for 24 Months